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We are all familiar with the success stories of Bitcoin and its counterparts. But we also know how much they fluctuate unpredictably and just how volatile they can be. Our idea is based around the goal of bringing a cryptocurrency to life that – in comparison to conventional cryptocurrencies – possesses real value. DES COIN is a common-sense, effective investment opportunity that offers the chance to participate in sustainable projects and businesses

Discover the DES COIN DNA.

Designed in Germany – developed for the world
With an above-average intrinsic value – a digital gold standard
Resource-efficient due to groundbreaking blockchain technology
Get on board through lucrative masternodes

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How does DES COIN work?

DES COIN is more than a conventional cryptocurrency. By investing in DES COIN, you are indirectly investing in sustainable projects and businesses as well. This means that your investment will always have equivalent value.


Fast and cost-effective transactions

Fast transactions thanks to Proof of Authority (PoA) on the DES COIN blockchain, delivered globally within seconds. DES COIN uses highly innovative blockchain technology that guarantees transactions are completed in near real time at an incredibly low price.

Storage and availability

Take care of business from anywhere in the world. With your financial resources entirely at your disposal, free from borders. Global transfers and portability are possible without constraints and at the highest possible security standard thanks to the blockchain's immutability.


Independent and free from intervention by governments or banks. DES COIN gives you complete freedom over your assets – through direct access using your smartphone wallet or via a hardware wallet in a safe place. Your freedom over your assets – direct and instantaneous.

Investment is rewarded

Strengthen the network by running or supporting a DES COIN masternode. A large proportion of the transaction fees are paid out to masternode operators as a reward – and masternodes are funded from revenues too.

Sustainable growth

Robust and valuable. The DES COIN project invests in sustainable, profitable companies, securing its value and growth in the long term. Our asset management partners only advise an extremely privileged clientele of family offices or individuals. Discretion is the watchword

Blockchain technology

The DES COIN blockchain is a fork of Quorum, J.P. Morgan's open source blockchain project. A modified Proof of Authority (PoA) is used as the consensus algorithm.
A masternode consists of two functional groups, the operating authority and the passive capital contributors

Independent auditing

Transparent, resource-efficient and designed for longevity. DES COIN structures its financial activities publicly and strives to have a transparent, independently verified, positive environmental track record.

Green technology

Resource-efficient thanks to an intelligent consensus model. DES COIN uses Proof of Authority (PoA) for validating transactions. This completely eliminates the need for environmentally-damaging, energy-hungry mining – as used in other cryptocurrencies. DES COIN's investments in green projects and alternative energies contribute to its positive environmental track record.

Reinvestment to boost value

Continuous reinvestment in the DES COIN ecosystem creates a value-development effect that is constantly gathering momentum. The continuity and binding force of investments ensure an exceptionally secure portfolio strategy and invariably lead to maximised revenue opportunities.