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The revolutionary blockchain currency

All you need to know about the DES-COIN
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The cryptocurrency with equivalent value

Discover a new stability amongs cryptocurrencies

We're all familiar with the success stories of Bitcoin and its counterparts. But we also know how much they fluctuate and just how volatile they can be. Our idea is based around the goal of bringing a cryptocurrency to life that – in comparison to conventional cryptocurrencies – possesses real value. The DES-COIN is a reasonable and effective investment opportunity whereby you can be involved in sustainable projects and businesses.

Discover the DES-COIN DNA.

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How does the DES-COIN work?

The DES-COIN is more than a conventional cryptocurrency. By investing in the DES-COIN, you are indirectly investing in sustainable projects and businesses as well. This means that your investment will always have equivalent value.

Questions about the DES-COIN?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the DES-COIN, our portal or our investment in sustainable projects via the link below.


Fast and cost-effective transactions

Quick transfer to the DES-COIN blockchain in just a few seconds, from anywhere in the world.

Storage and availability

Take care of business from anywhere in the word. When it comes to availability, access to your financial resources is virtually unlimited.


Independent and free from regulation by governments or banks. With the DES-COIN, the shareholders have a say.

Investment is rewarded

Recommend the DES-COIN to others and play your part as a shareholder in helping to promote this new and innovative cryptocurrency.

Sustainable growth

Robust and valuable. The DES-COIN integrates sustainable projects and businesses in order to generate returns that are just as sustainable.

Independent auditing

Transparent and designed for longevity. The DES-COIN publicly structures its economic activities.