DES – Digital, Equivalent & Stabilised

A present-day problem

Personal asset management was much simpler in the past – we relied on interest from the bank, sensible savings products and tried-and-trusted building loans for a future home of our own.

But for some time now, these have just been tales from the past. Nowadays, we are faced with financial policy that makes it much more difficult to rescue our hard-earned money from inflation and to save for our old age or a home of our own.

So many people are taking a different approach to investment. The financial market is simply awash with opportunities to make use of bonds, shares, ETFs, funds and even crowdfunding.

It's worth studying every financial product individually if you really want to understand it. And when it comes to contracts, in-depth knowledge of financial market law comes in useful too.
Savers are practically being forced to unknowingly and blindly accept the risks and secondary effects – fees, commission and even tax in some cases – in order to pursue the dream of achieving a small return.

Can you find a solution on your own?

Of course, you can take control of your own financial destiny but should never forget that, in today's investment world, it is more important than ever before to thoroughly know all of the ins and outs of a financial product's framework conditions.

The strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities must be properly investigated in the context of regional and international financial market development.

The right entry and exit times for an investment must be determined and acted upon with precision. It is imperative to continuously monitor and correctly interpret changes to the global financial markets; corrective measures must be initiated and implemented where necessary. All of this is possible in theory – but not in practice!

Our goal

The goal of DES COIN is to establish a cryptocurrency which meets the framework conditions of the generally accepted economic system in terms of how widely known its business partners are (KYC), complies with anti-money laundering legislation (AML), demonstrates the security level required of a blockchain system and ensures unimpeded scalability.
By purchasing DES COIN, you will increase your total assets sustainably in the long term compared with other investment opportunities available to you, without limiting your liquidity. DES COIN is simple, global, virtually free-of-charge and can be transferred in near real-time. Because DES COIN is secured, market adaptation and acceptance will progress quickly, therefore a very positive price trend can be expected. DES COIN aims to position itself as a reliable, intrinsically valuable currency thanks to asset-backing.

Designed in Germany – developed for the world
KYC & AML conformity
Sustainable investment
Completely based in the blockchain hotspot of Malta

Value retention

The underlying value of DES COIN is not fictitious, but instead based on various forms of investment. This helps attenuate exchange rate fluctuations and in particular provides companies with a stronger guarantee for reliable transactions using DES COIN. This means that DES COIN is also the only blockchain currency to date to have its value based on tangible assets that can provide returns and be reallocated; this is similar to the valuation of companies on the stock exchange.
The intention is for the currency to be linked to profitable values as a way of providing risk protection for all trade partners. In the case of global regulation or a technical overhaul in blockchain technology, this takes effect and limits the risk to all participants.


The use of blockchain ensures a high level of security. All activities are traceable and secure against forgery.
A hash value is calculated for each data block. This is also saved in the next block and thereby incorporated in the calculation of that block's own hash value as well.
This technology ensures that it is always possible to identify the previous block in the sequence, thereby preventing manipulation of the sequence in any way.


DES COIN can be stored, transported and transferred independently, without being constrained by banking architecture.
Establishing DES COIN requires both stable operation and connection to interfaces suitable for commercial use. The application for direct payment from smart device to smart device provides business partners with the ability to carry out business transactions directly within a framework with KYC and AML certification. This makes it possible to reproduce all payment processes with EC credit cards or cash.

The billing application provides the option to create individual single-use QR codes and to incorporate them into bills. These can be used for digital or analogue applications, eliminating the need for credit transfers. The partner in question simply has to scan the barcode and can complete the transaction in an instant. Through the use of a direct peer-to-peer process with independent authentication, the transaction is carried out securely and without any bottleneck.

The "on blockchain" KYC processing provides a solution for ensuring that any transactions carried out are contractually binding. These binding transactions generate legally compliant contractual situations.


The ICO is being carried out by DES Coin Limited under the jurisdiction of the FMA Liechtenstein.
The capital generated by the ICO will primarily be used for the following three investments: Development of the technology described in the white paper; including a proprietary wallet and a peer-to-peer payment function.
IT infrastructure measures will be developed further and a dedicated, efficient organisational unit will be set up.

Exchanging DES utility tokens for DES governance tokens will be implemented by means of a voucher process.

DES COIN or DES governance token – what's the best investment?

The answer to this question depends on the individual, but investors also need to ask themselves what they want to invest in.
In the long term, the DES governance token (DES GT) is considerably more advantageous, because a passive income from payouts is guaranteed by investing in a masternode. However, DES GT tied up in masternodes cannot be liquidated easily, as they secure the operability of the network node.
DES COIN is a better option if continuous liquidity is a very high personal investment priority. It is freely transferrable, not tied and can be traded via the Exchange. Yet its value will increase steadily because it is backed

Trading platform

The DES utility token will be traded on the proprietary DES COIN trading platform. It will be possible to exchange FIAT currencies for DES utility tokens on the trading platform. DES/BTC, DES/ETH and DES/LTC pairings will also be tradeable.

Registering to trade DES utility tokens couldn't be easier. After entering your login e-mail address, simply follow the instructions on the platform and complete the verification process.

Registration and use of the trading platform is free for users.


The idea is first proposed
Market analysis completed
Start of test market
End of test market
Conception phase completed

Start of development of the ICS exchange/algorithm
Start of research for FMA approval
Start of preparation for FMA approval
Company structuring
Completion of Exchange development
FMA approval

Start of ICO
DES COIN alpha testing
Iteration from alpha DES COIN
Reorganisation of Exchange
Start of development of DES Exchange 2.0
Go-live – DES COIN Exchange 2.0

Payout of ICO rewards
Launch of the DES COIN blockchain