DES COIN as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DES DAO)

The DES COIN DAO is a decentralised autonomous organisation that leads the DES COIN ecosystem without a centralised management organisation. Operational key functions and fund distribution are carried out by means of consensus decisions taken by the community.

The individual organisations in the DAO, which are independent of each other, are run by individuals or organisations who are chosen by consensus and report solely to the DAO. The decisions made by the DES DAO are stored in a tamper-proof way thanks to blockchain immutability. It provides a secure, digital ledger for tracking various organisation-related interactions. The blockchain is protected against falsification by trustworthy time stamps and the dissemination of a distributed database. This approach eliminates the need for a mutually accepted, "trustworthy" third party to be involved in decision-making in the DES DAO. This means the decision-making process is more direct and transparent, and is both simplified and tamper-proof.

As the middleman between the DES DAO and the business and administration world – which is still largely analogue and dominated by centralisation – DES Capital Technologies Foundation acts as both a link and an agent. The foundation organises business processes and ensures the decisions made by the DES DAO are implemented.

The particular focus of the foundation is on promoting science, research and development of new IT technologies, future technologies and green technologies as well as cryptocurrencies including their resulting "ecosystems".

Every DES governance token holder is entitled to participate in the decision-making processes of the DES DAO and to contribute content or initiatives.


The DES DAO – i.e. the organisation set up – invests the capital earned from exchanging DES COIN into profitable projects and investment products in cooperation with experienced partners.

By pooling capital resources and investment experience, both investments and conditions can be optimised and scaled. An individual does not have this option, or only has access to it with a great deal of effort. The profits from the investments are always reinvested and form a constantly growing financial basis for the organisation thanks to the compound interest effect. This inherent value is designated as FixValue.

DES COIN is more resistant to external crypto-market influences, since a stabilising equivalent value is created.
The DES DAO does not have a profitability target that it must meet, avoiding the need to enter into unduly risky transactions to resolve target conflicts.
In addition, the DES DAO can use its liquidity to buy back DES COINs if the price falls below the FixValue. The issued DES COINs represent, in the broadest and most abstract sense, a finite number of shares in the enterprise. DES COIN can thus be classified as the only sustainably developing, easily transportable, liquid financial product.
DES COIN should not be seen as an object of hectic crypto-speculation, but instead as a next-generation currency with continuous, stable growth.

Economic aspect

The economy of highly developed countries has a high amount of possible capital that can be stored or transferred. However, this system is not in a fit state to meet the needs of individuals.
In addition, 75% of the world's population do not have access to the infrastructure to experience this inadequate situation at all.
Mobile technology and the Internet have taken every corner of the earth by storm – but provision of infrastructure needed for economic development has not.
Every developing society needs the ability to secure value and currency in order to take the next step in its evolution at the right time.
By creating a cryptocurrency stabilised with equivalent value backing, we wish to improve the opportunities for many people to tap into their potential and achieve stable economic development in their home countries.
This digital currency represents an opportunity for profit for the West – and the next leap forward for the rest!


Thanks to the opportunity to sell the shares peer-to-peer on the trading platform, DES COIN is just as flexible as a conservative money market account or a simple current account. On the other hand, by means of the investment, it offers considerable performance with returns that can be classified as a long-term, high-interest fixed investment product or a high-performance equity fund.
Furthermore, transactions of any amount can take place in a matter of seconds from anywhere in the world via a peer-to-peer payment function.


The DES DAO voluntarily reports its figures to the general public and community. It uses an independent auditing institute to this end. The institute audits the investment strategy as well as the performance efficiency and verifies the FixValues on the basis of the results.